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Technical partner, developer and consultant.

Testimonials from happy clients 😊

“Cece Labs has been a godsend. They are so kind and helpful. They met me where I was at and facilitated my business in a tremendous way. I am so grateful for their professionalism and technical expertise. I would highly recommend working with Cece Labs to anyone who is looking to level up their business and have someone easy to talk to.”
Lauren Frazier — Mental Health Coach, Founder ofLife Rich Coaching


Stop betting on Upwork freelancers.

Let me provide you peace of mind.


Subject Matter Expert

Strong technical knowledge in web development. Ability to quickly analyze problems and provide accurate solutions.


Easy to talk too

Most software developers are shy and hard to communicate with. I'm the opposite of that. Don't believe me? Schedule a 30-minute call with me.


Partner you can count on

Never worry about your project's progress. I'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

The Process

Step 1

Discovery Call

Get on a 30-minute call to discuss working together.

Step 2


We outline the project scope and deliverables.

Step 3


We execute the plan and bring your vision to life.


Websites & Apps

Secure, scalable, and engaging digital platforms. Got a SaaS idea? I can help you build it from the ground up, or improve your current app.

Landing Pages

The right landing page boosts engagement and sales. I design high-converting, target audience-oriented landing pages that drive action.

Consulting & Strategy

Technical expertise and strategic insights. Stop stressing about implementation and let me handle it for you.

Get in touch

Ready to get started?

I'm here to help you with your next project. Whether you're building a new website, web application or high converting landing page, I'll be happy to help.

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How do I start working with you on my website or app?

Starting is simple. Just set up a chat through our website. We’ll talk about what you need, what you’re aiming for, and how I can help make that happen.

What kind of web development work do you do?

Consider me your one-stop shop for everything web development entails, from crafting engaging websites and apps to leveraging web analytics, setting up event tracking, and implementing both on-page and technical SEO. My approach prioritizes strategies that drive growth for your business, ensuring that every element of your website is aligned with your business objectives. I’m dedicated to building more than just websites; I’m here to help your business grow by making smart, data-driven decisions that increase your visibility and effectiveness online.

How long does it take to build a website or app?

It varies. Some projects are quick and can be done in a few weeks, while others might take a bit longer. Once we chat about what you need, I’ll be able to give you a better timeline.

Can you work with what I’m already doing for my marketing?

Absolutely. I’ll take a look at what you’re doing marketing-wise and see how we can fit the web development into that. It’s all about making sure what I do helps you get where you want to be.

What do you look at to make sure a web project is successful?

I focus on making sure your site or app loads quickly, is easy and fun for people to use, helps you get more business, and shows up well in search engines. It’s all about making sure your web presence is working hard for you.

How do you work with my current team or other partners I have?

I’m all about teamwork. I’ll keep in touch with you or your team regularly, making sure we’re all on the same page and everything I do fits perfectly with your overall plan.

Can you help with more than just websites and landing pages?

Yes, for sure. Apart from building things, I’m here to help you figure out how to make your whole online operation smoother and how to better connect with your customers. And I can help you use the info you have to make smart decisions.

How do you deal with feedback and changes?

Your thoughts and ideas are what guide this process. I’ll show you what I’m working on regularly and tweak things based on what you tell me. It’s important to me that what we create together is something you’re thrilled with.